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Are holding my domain ransom even withing the one month sophistication period. Ms. Lin lied in my experience about getting my domain back only once i threatened law suit she transformed her mind since i've leaped through all the hoops they wanted and compensated them the cash the still wont reinstat the domain. Don't conduct business with 007names.com also take a look at their in the fraud website they another person set up to ensure my claims.
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I love them since you can call and someone solutions the telephone without any hype. I have didn't have issues with them, only use their registration services. I known as in the last minute to resume. They made it happen for me personally over the telephone. I've the sensation they're small, I'm not sure without a doubt. They are prepared to assist with personalized service should you request for this.
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Been looking to get my domain from the account again this season and you know what more issues with them. I've known as multiple occasions and sent emails to aid but still nothing. They need me to resume at their Greater prices before I transfer the domain to another registrar. Quit to hijack my domain title.
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