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50megs.com has located my website for nearly ten years. My website continues to be assaulted two times by some kind of adware and spyware. I don't perform the upgrading of my website, I've had various web update companies do that. When my website was assaulted and closed lower by Google last March, 5omegs taken care of immediately my pleas for help, following a week of silence, by cleaning my website. My website was again assaulted on August 18, which tome 50megs has tell me that it's my problem to cope with. They're saying their security is really strong that it's "unlikely" the site might have been compromised. I must pay another company to wash the website. Obviously 50megs' security isn't so great. The attacks did not originate from space - and that i haven't let every other entity to the site since March - ant the attack was August. 15. 50 megs is unresponsive if you have an issue. If the attack happens, as well as other problem, you need to take proper care of it youyrself. They could not care less, and they're very slow to reply to any inquiry requesting help. They ought to get this to obvious at first, as well as should increase their ineffective security.
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