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This can be a warning to anybody thinking about using 800Hosting like a supervised devoted server host. There is a GREAT site plus they sure offered me BUT my internet sites all went lower right before holidays of 2009. Completely lower to ensure that I had been bankrupt for six days with much data lost forever. Then after that failure of 6 days throughout which period i was frequently told "four more hrs, yet another day" we finally started again at about 50% in our pre-failure effectiveness and gradually we re-built with time the things they destroyed in a single minute! In case your business are able to afford a loss of revenue for example that simply then please disregard this publish. Otherwise and you're simply still thinking about 800Hosting please continue reading. I've e-mails, web history from Google statistics to substantiate my claims and am personally open to talk by telephone with qualified business proprietors thinking about 800Hosting who reads this publish and seeks verification. In the finish of November 2009, all of our internet sites went lower. My staff from Asia and also the US counseled me in Bay Area for any meeting and company outing. Since I Have was alone working I had been checking our sites on the Sunday evening. I had been shocked to uncover all were lower. Apparently our sites went lower because of some catastrophic failure at 800Hosting so when I known as to request what's going on they didn't know there is an issue. I needed to inform 800 hosting they'd no clue! No Monitoring! We bought monitoring 24/7. When they were supplying that monitoring how could our sites all go lower plus they not know? Within their dealings beside me and my opportunity 800Hosting constantly over guaranteed and undelivered. This aforementioned monitoring is certainly one example. Based online home page we actually thought we'd found the answer for the hosting. We checked plus they were well examined too. You clearly were impressed or you wouldn't be reading through my publish. In my opinion there's no relationship between their house page claims and also the service they deliver. Using the handled hosting, what we should requested Particularly i was assured the healthiness of the server could be maintained and supervised and that we could be secure from malicious attacks. However when the server went lower, we needed to inform them. They never informed us associated with a problem and frequently erroneously reported all was well when it wasn't! They recommended maybe i was the victim of the attack with a competitor until they recognized safeguarding us from which was also their job. Another exaggeration or lie. Throughout these 6 days they frequently known as or e-mailed us that things are now fixed. Whenever we would uncover nothing was fixed and that we remained as lower you won't believe what happened. They disabled our E-mails declaring i was delivering “too many”. Their excuse for your insensitive and inappropriate behavior was we know you're lower which also it wastes time to reply to your e-mails that may be spent fixing the issue. What were we to complete? They known as and stated things are OK BUT it wasn't. As we stated nothing maybe it might not be fixed However when we tried to let them know that nothing had transformed our E-mails were came back. By this time around we recognized we'd been had and were coping with incompetents or individuals who at best were very careless using the truth. We needed to contact them by telephone, so when the tech clarified they observed it had been lower and question as we even were built with a website located in the domain that been around for 14 years. The moment we observed data didn't have we asked for back-ups. I was told these were already restored, but “this couldn't be verified before the server was back online”. I don't know why but in those days we still bought that. Unrealistic I suppose. However after we had FTP restored and that we could view or site to check files, we recognized The majority of our images were gone and lots of additional files were missing too. 800Hosting didn't have complete copy in our websites coupled with No clue the things they lost! It appeared as though they thought they might mislead us to think everything was ok if this clearly wasn't! We'd bought daily support However when it came time to allow them to deliver our supported data they finally stated we simply keep data 72 hours! We recognized nevertheless it happened the missing data vanished forever and there have been no back-ups. We lost secure customer data that's unrecoverable and result in a serious strain to the companies. Four several weeks later we're still changing missing images and apologizing to clients for missing data that they have to resend. I was NEVER given a reason regarding Precisely what happened despite the fact that we stated frequently which was a prerequisite to carry on using 800Hosting. We stated we have to understand how it happened and what steps perhaps you have taken so it won't happen again. They stated your request perfectly understandable and all sorts of guaranteed to achieve that BUT never accomplished it! I requested our tech please let me know what we must purchase from you safe? They required days to operate up an offer that was unacceptable but things i remember was that after we finally spoken on the telephone their mind tech requested, “How much lower-town are you able to afford?” Are you able to think that? I told 800Hosting Basically was making my original decision to make use of 800Hosting for those my companies someone had explained among the options I needed to make was just how much down time I possibly could afford clearly I'd go elsewhere immediately. Has anybody requested you that question yet? FINAL blow for me personally was the dog owner declined arrive at the telephone to describe, apologize or let me know to visit hell. NOTHING from him. From my dealings with all of at 800Hosting I believe that it is fair to appear at first sight a business without any CHARACTER rather than did they appear embarrassed by their poor performance - NEVER! You realize sometimes when something similar to this occurs someone in the problem company will acknowledge the mistake BUT that didn't happen at 800Hosting. All of them appeared comfortable saying that's the actual way it is. I suppose it's their policy and they're following their leader. They did problem a totally free memory upgrade retail value $10-$15 USD WOW! I recognize this really is my side from the story and you will find always other sides However I left 800Hosting and i'm still running a business. My independent web monitoring service now rates my sites performance much greater since departing than once they were located at 800Hosting. I don't know precisely what which means However I suspect it's another reflection on 800Hosting’s competence to get the job done. We've transformed only our host and also have already seen an extreme improvement! I'm not a technical guy so that all I'm able to have to say is the details are correct.
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