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I have leased a dedi server from Accurate Hub Systems for pretty much 5 several weeks now (oncoming of fourth month now). We're mad players who enjoy playing many games. Setting some misconception happen to be no probems. Never found a much better host. Ping is average 30ms... NO LAG :D
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We've got a server together lately, although there is a wait of the couple of days. They upgraded us using their Dell M600: Edge-4 Dell M600 Apple Quad Core Xeon 2.5Ghz 2x 146GB SAS 1,000GB TB 2GB Ram To M605 Dual Quad Core Opteron 2350 8GB Ram 2x146GB SAS 10K Drives A totally free upgrade. Their services are good, great support and great network. Simply no problems what so ever.
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I'm highly impressed at just how fast employees at Accurate Hub Systems could get my VPS online for me personally. Whenever I'd an issue employees were quick at helping me solve the problem. I'll certainly purchase another VPS and recommend these to anybody who's in look for a server. My experience continues to be only positive 2 thumbs up!
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