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Affordable quality hosting packages you are able to rely on without any limit assets, round-the-clock support, and 99.9% uptime from
In additional than 6 many years of using AQHost for my clients' makes up about in regards to a dozen low-traffic websites I have didn't have any issues with their service. Support is extremely responsive and knowledgeable. I've suggested them numerous occasions!
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We once had a MoveableType blogging server account with AQHost, and in the beginning it had been fine. However we began getting issues with posting new blogs -- along with a consultant we hired stated it had been because AQHost hadn't up-to-date towards the latest version from the blogging software. Then we attempted to cancel our account -- we compensated quarterly -- and they'd not refund our money. Actually, they simply billed our charge card again -- despite the fact that we haven't had any domain names located bv them for several weeks. Horrible customer support -- they never respond -- and rip-off artists simply because they haven't credited back debts they have accrued us.
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