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Have no idea if this sounds like typical, but our organization transformed to B2Net Solutions about last month. Initially, our devoted server was scheduled to become on a Monday by Noon. It got pressed to Tuesday, then Thursday, and lastly was survive Friday. They given us a line concerning the shipping company stalling this area for the server. We purchased so ongoing our service together. A couple of days later our sites went lower, and remained lower for nearly five days! Again they blamed it on another company, certainly one of their affiliate marketers. We, very unaware of us I would add, remained together following this too. I make a start today, get my email, visit check a piece of our sites that I've been focusing on, and lo and behold we're lower again. This time around they've known as it a tough disk failure, and also have told us about 4 different tales. Update: now I must upload over 30 GB of information towards the new operating-system and hard disk drives. Phenomenal!!
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I have been a customer of B2 Net Solutions for sometime now and everything has been going very well. I purchased my first Devoted Server with the organization in 2008 and been a customer growing on the website network since that time. The delivery time is at 24 hrs per devoted server which i get -- I've 4 at this time. All up within that round-the-clock time period too. I've not had an outage yet, and also the response time on problem solving any queries or demands are extremely quick. Thumbs as much as B2 Net Solutions!
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It isn't always simple to find an inexpensive and reliable company to rely on for the IT business, but it is certainly liberating whenever you do. B2VPS.com has shown to be that company. They give to us a custom VPS user interface that's very simple to use. They've highly qualified specialists who're always available and accommodating. I haven't experienced any black outs or glitches with my server. Should you prefer a quality and stable VPS account, the corporation is perfect for you!
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