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Cheap United kingdom Devoted Servers for Database and Web Server Hosting on Linux and home windows server 2003, 2008. We support cPanel and Plesk Domain User Interface
After several hard days of my research I in comparison a variety of website hosting offers and Bodhost attracted me a lot more than every other company. I've not had any problems controlling the website so when I desired customer support it was provided immediately too. I've awesome uptime, reliability and great speed. Well, VPS reflecting is actually helpful solution if you would like your internet sites be always online congratulations by its team. Throughout the first several weeks of establishing my websites, the client support was very handy. They're always delivering message about new and upgraded features they increase the standard packages. According to my experience I'd certainly recommend this host to anybody searching for an expert, value-for-money website hosting service.
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I've only good stuff to say of these folks. After dealing with a minimum of six hosts in just a few days, Bodhost blew me from the water. They're affordable, reliable, have great software. Moving was easy. I posted a ticket and also the money was returned to my PayPal account within a couple of days. The support was prompt, respectful and useful. To conclude, I must say that they're good, recommend you to definitely host together in case your other hosting is providing you with a difficult time. Or if you're beginning now, better still you will not know what "hosting problems" mean.
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I like Bodhost United kingdom website hosting services, specifically their vps hosting packages. Been with Bodhost for many last days and making the jump from hosting that is shared with a few other company towards the Bodhost United kingdom VPS Hosting. I ought to state that the support they've provided to me is completely top class brilliant. I additionally grateful for his or her quality support 27x7 tech support team that is open to me anytime.
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I did previously like Bodhost because they are affordable as well as their support team are extremely good but after being offline in excess of 24 hrs due a fault they've having a node i quickly cannot wait to maneuver my sites from them. I've been very disappointed. I've got a VPS cloud setup at 45 monthly which is supposed to provide 100% uptime (yeah right). I'm the one that needs to let them know there's an problem using the hosting and in the last couple of several weeks individuals issues have grown to be more frequent. I've wasted considerable time needing to cope with the support team (even though team are brilliant) - the service is simply not adequate. I'll be moving my sites from the corporation when i can't afford to possess my sites and email options offline for twenty-four hrs and sit around twiddling my thumbs wondering if anybody will really bother to inform me if this will probably be fixed or that it's been fixed. Very annoyed, very angry and happy To not recommend.
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