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Bounceweb provides top quality, reliable, fast, and affordable shared and merchant website hosting. We host personal, business and adult sites on effective servers.
Bounce web. I happened to make use of bounce web after i was searching for host companies. They've put lots of nice words within their site. But this men are dishonest, they simply do no matter what they need in times you dis accept them. They give me bill after bill which isn't described within their site. Additionally, it looks one guy company who informs you my billing dept is closed, specialists are out etc. It's really one guy company who hide themself on website soft ware. Care full to make use of the corporation. Really bad a experience I'd together
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i'd exactly the same problem they suspended me (after seven days) because i've located an phpmotion script "It's because of excessive CPU usage". 30min support is scam since you have your call answered like "I am sending your question to the concerned team" although not realy an solution, which means you must wait a minimum of 24 hrs to have an helpful answer. once i got suspended i recieve forget about any answser from support, it is simply "dead". i've prepaid and today i'm able to forget my money. the worst factor is that they stored my videos, my script and my SQL database. bounceweb domain is registered with no person behind it (anonymous) so that you can really forget your hard earned money and files. should you look for limitless hosting or ffmpeg hosting don't determine that company, you'll be sorry.
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