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Devoted Servers - CalPOP Data Center for Devoted Server Hosting may be the biggest devoted server company in La. Browse our entries of devoted server hosts, do server speed tests and browse informative articles around the devoted servers industry.
" To begin with, please allow me to condition that I've been an internet technology developer and manager for more than 17 years, and that i have worked with a lot of website hosting companies for both companies and for private use. With this being stated, red carpet month's of getting certainly one of my clients standing on Calpop's hosting, I must state that Calpop needs to function as the worse company that i've ever observed in the. First they promise 100% uptime, but that is not even near to true. Inside a month's time, their servers went lower a minimum of three occasions. In addition, they site was hit having a Web sites attack that they could not even fix. Their explanation to us was that "it became of numerous servers" which "maybe you had been managing a chat service." (Seriously, that is what they explained over the telephone). Now, exactly the same internet site went lower two and like me typing this, I can not appear to obtain anybody to reply to their 24-hour phone number (the receptionist just keeps responding to and putting me on hold). Please, please, being an enthusiastic technology user, lover and developer, avoid Calpop. You will find far better website hosts available and also the more the likes of Calpop receive patronage, the greater the likes of Calpop will appear. I am hoping the corporation goes bankrupt simply because they don't have any concern for individuals or even the technology they tell you they are experts in. "
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