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Hi, I've been pleased with the service till now: My sites are lower for 11 days now,(exhibiting account suspended page) I've sent numerous emails and tickets to sales and tech deps. I've received one response 9 days ago: "The invoice continues to be examined and billing system up-to-date, for whatever reason PayPal's IPN (instant payment notification) did not inform our servers the invoice was compensated, and so the billing system never was up-to-date. The transaction continues to be credited for your requirements and really should certainly be unsuspended." Next day of around the 25th August my sites are suspended again, with no response what so ever. Maybe basically publish it here they'll respond? Btw: their toll-free number - no response too. Regards, Bart invoice#414
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No response from support or sales, over a couple of days. Up to September 09 it had been great, fast quick reactions, and incredibly useful. It appears the host has allow the site visit automation. Toll-free and business amounts appear to become disconnected ... Beware
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I've been purchasing a website hosting service out of this company. - Beginning from August the service experienced frequent downtimes (12 occasions in August, 8 occasions in September). I posted a support ticket however the ticket never was clarified (until this moment). Subsequent communications were also left un-answered. - The organization promises 24/7 support on its first page as i haven't had the opportunity to make contact with them since August. - Finally I attempted to create out my websites using their server but server malfunction didn't let me produce proper backup copies. I approached and opened up another ticket which continued to be un-answered again until this moment. - Unhealthy service, insufficient support and problems in moving out of the service has triggered 100s of dollars of harm to time and business.
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