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Business Website Hosting - E-Insites offers Home windows and Linux site hosting

Business Website Hosting - E-Insites offers Home windows and Linux website hosting to big and small companies worldwide. Features include frontpage extensions, SQL databases, ASP, PHP, CGI, ASP.NET plus much more.
After using e-insites for several years E-insites is not a trusted site host. Trouble ticket response time is extremely slow and conflicting tickets sometimes vanish with no action. You are able to call and leave several as instructed rather than Obtain a Return Call. They're saying they've been working days to simply get functioning email but could not appear to get it done ! They create claims that they'll not keep. The issue is going to be permanently fixed with 24 hrs should mean exactly that. E-insites usually supplies the things they advertise. A company cannot be went whenever you can't get the email. Affordable site hosting isn't any Good whether they can Not Give Support.
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After 2 yrs programming my website I leased a server from E-Insites and located my commercial site. within 2 days an e-mail harvester setup home on my small server and acquired access using my title and password via remote server. The IP addresses were labeled and Google's response ended up being to bury the website from page 5 to page 300. It never retrieved and was shut lower having a lack of $21,000.00 USD after 2 yrs. Further attacks were stopped, but in most cases they understood my unique user title and 15 digit password without robot tries to crack it. Absolutely an internal job and apparently has became of others too. If only I'd have checked the reviews before registering.
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worst on the planet those are the bloodstream suckers E-insites is worst hosting during my existence
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