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I personally use ejeet for my wow guild and they're great, i'm not sure where they condition 200 per month for management because they made my guild plenty of neat stuff cost-free whatsoever except my $2.94 payment. 5/5 stars
Rating good
I personally use their the almighty from the tings online service which is this is the better option for the kinship because of the short customer care there template product is really clear to see. I haven't observed any issues with the uptime around the server my guild is located on, the cPanel states 431 days uptime that appears great in my experience, and that i always get fast download speeds but haven't really attempted a sizable file I really hope to determine more lotro packages offered by the Ejeet Systems company to permit more programs
Rating good
I purchased hosting from Ejeet for any Christmas 2010 gift for my guild therefore we could escape from the slow wowstead and obtain around the faster network, to date it's been a fantastic choice for immediate loading of pages and incredibly fast customer care. A number of you'll be spend shocked in the admin panel for that forums though, I had been there's err a lot of features within the forum literally it had been overwhelming the very first time i seen the panel however you can easily determine following a lil little bit of clicking and reading through what each feature does. I'll provide them with 4/5 stars and can still host my wow guild website together for any very long time as lengthy because they maintain this positive support position that is simply great
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Horribly rude and sarcastic. Reluctant to assist with questions, watch that which you say.. They'll remove your articles. Avoid the corporation no matter what..
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