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Steer Clear! GNXOnline is terrible and completely non-responsive when you really need help. Also beware - they'll register your domain under their title. You'll be stuck and they'll never respond and you're simply their hostage.
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After unwisely registering with GNX in 2004, they located my website for 2 years until I finally switched to, who've only done excellent things for me personally. I recommend them. However, GNX wouldn't release my domain title to transfer to a different host, and also have consistently cause site black outs by not reviving the domain promptly (I had been compensated many years ahead of time). And So I have lately needed to save my domain title from GNXonline, who became completely unresponsive within the this past year approximately to the of my demands, especially to possess a domain transfer. I wound up calling, the organization they register their domain names through, and was handed a great website that assisted me to save my domain. The web site is: After completing the shape I had been approached within half an hour with a very polite service representative who stated that, despite the fact that I wasn't the registrant from the domain (surprise surprise, it had been in gnxonline's title) they understood from the issues that clients were getting with the organization and would do their finest to utilize to repair it. Within under 8 hrs my domain was happily relaxing in my own, personal domain account, free of all traces of GNX. Hope it will help some individuals that are held in an identical situation.
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