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Host your offshore company with, we're focused on offshore hosting, colocation hosting and devoted offshore servers. Panama based data center
Of all of the offshore website hosts I have labored with, Hosting Panama is very probably the worst. If you're a private or discerning individual worried about running your company anonymously, AVOID The Corporation No Matter What. Be assured that the identity and private information Aren't SAFE with Hosting Panama. I operate a file discussing forum, and Hosting Panama IMMEDIATELY revealed my own information to firms that had asked together via EMAIL. Most website hosts won't evernaccept these kinds of queries via EMAIL (they might require formal complaints on paper) but Hosting Panama, after receiving an e-mail, that they did not even bother to ensure, surrended all my own information for an unknown entity appearing like a legal firm. For those I understand, it might have really been a competitor searching to achieve a foothold on traffic. Hosting Panama did not even try to research they simply shut lower my server and gave my information out. My website wasn't even hosting any files, it had been only a forum that associated with files elsewhere on the web. No laws and regulations were being violated during my jurisdiction, or perhaps in Panama but Hosting Panama immediately folded over on me, giving my own information to anybody who asked about this. I Recommend staying away from the corporation if you want to retain your anonymity. Actually, I have used their hosting that is shared, virtual server, and devoted server services, and can't recommend them, because of the false advertising and misleading print within their guidelines. One other issue that myself along with other customers have experienced is the fact that Hosting Panama changes their acceptable use policy quickly, and doesn't inform clients. Which means that your website might not violate the acceptable use policy today, however they could change their policy tomorrow, after which cancel your merchandise, pocketing the cash. Their "legal team" is completely unaware about local laws and regulations. I had been a customer in excess of 24 months, and that i saw their guidelines change multiple occasions without ever receiving any notice. I needed to keep mentioning to their guidelines to help keep myself informed from the changes. Essentially, if your standard USA website hosting company will not host your website, you are able to wager it also violates Hosting Panamas guidelines, and they'll won't host it, why even make use of them? Additionally they claim and also hardwearing . information private, BUT They Don't, also it does not even have a formal legal complaint to allow them to release your data, it just takes one email in one foreign entity (not really in Panama) and they'll give just of knowledge they've you. If you're set on by using this company, Outlay Cash WITH CASH ONLY, or else you risk your identity being provided.
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