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A Couple Of years back I was searching for any local (Oakville, Ontario) webhost and loved hostpapa's site and eco-friendly energy policy. However, of these past 2 yrs, my websites have experienced times of down time every month, sluggish speeds (now after finally moving away they explained the had bandwidth limits on my small sites !!! 10kb download!). I am unable to warn you strongly enough to not use hostpapa - their service and technical support were insufficient and frequently didn't return to me whatsoever. After having to change hosts, they stop my website prior to the transfer completed and offered NOTHING after i requested reimbursement around the five years of hosting I have taken care of ahead of time. The corporation don't deserve your company. Use every other service on the planet and you will be ten occasions more happy.
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I have had a few sites on HostPapa for just two years and am happy using the service, cost, and trustworthiness. My video clips load fast, and that i have observed hardly any (really no) down-time. The consumer user interface is excellent, and also the available features tend to be more than I want. Excellent value.
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steer clear! there's nothing limitless regarding their service aside from the lies and head aches. Bad people to cope with.
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