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Impact hosting has only support via email. However they don't answer emails on time. I've got a easy trouble with being able to access email. I've had this issue ongoing for 15-20 days. I realize how you will find stuff that usually takes a couple of hrs to solve and propagate with the net. The issue is they create a myriad of presumptions, and send an e-mail with standard answer. I'm patient, but it has become absurd.
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I've found to be really reliable and quality companies. Should you all might have compensated focus on and browse your email they've been delivering out since mid December of 2009, you'd understand where they're originating from. They bought that old '' or 'Software workshop' as a few of their old clients may have appreciated about twelve months ago. And, once more should you have had Browse the emails, might have understood the old company that you simply all understood and loved, very abruptly shut lower the servers and Impact needed to RECREATE from scratch. I applaud them as i know which was no easy job to complete and im glad i weren't required to get it done. I've been understanding together through this complete process so that as an excellent gesture they've given me discount rates along with other 'thank yous' to be understanding and remaining loyal. It shocks me all of the bad reviews individuals are providing them with as no business within the history around the globe hasn't had its lower moments. Just provide them with a rest for hells sake people. Trying controlling a website hosting company yourself. However i highly suggest them every day to anybody.
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Impacthosting screwed me and price me money and time. They required my web-site lower together with my e-mails rather than appeared of looking after after i requested them about this. They'd simply lie and let you know whatever when they clarified you whatsoever. The telephone number they've isn't clarified. I'm now at godaddy which is cheaper and they'll speak with me basically have questions. If you are looking at impact please read all of the reviews around the hosting sites and don't Rely On Them!
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They never react to any tickets or complaints in a nutshell time, will certainly take two to three business days and can blame at customer finish stating things are perfect at their finish. And can take five days more to recognize the issue, though we insist the precise problem, they never worry about it.
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