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InMotion Hosting - First Class Business Hosting, VPS Hosting, and Devoted Servers

InMotion Hosting provides complete website hosting solutions including vps hosting, business hosting, devoted servers, website design, and cpanel support.
When I customer I am fully disappointed within Motion Hosting. Our account continues to be suspended and that we don't have any accessibility user interface, emails (!) and ftp since the traffic ended up being to high (250 visits daily) despite the fact that we bought limitless traffic. We're now afraid that people will forfeit all of our critical data simply because they give no use of them. We're really afraid like a company and also have been fully stultified to the clients simply because they visit a message like this (pointing to some file suspended.cgi - you are able to know very well what suspended way to a person or partner!!!): This website is presently not available If you're the account holder, please contact customer support. Our customer support center can be obtained 24x7 via phone, chat, or email. Being an established company in A holiday in greece (Oxy Posting SA) with serious and large clients we feel the certainly don't deserve obtaining professionalism. And our damage is actually large and unrefundable by any means.
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Tasos Voguatzis is really a lame douche bag... hahaha 250 vistors, it does not count whenever you refresh your personal website
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I have been there for any year and they're outstanding. Never witnessed them lower or any slow response occasions. However their best feature is the support: phone, chat or email. Phone is 800 number rather than needed to wait a lot more than a few momemts. Reps are wise in most cases can solve the issue instantly. Wouldn't change companies even when it had been free.
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Be very cautious about their Strategic Business Plan Professional which enables you to definitely have as much as 25 add-on domain names. I only used 15 - with average page sights of <20 daily and that i had 2 major black outs in under per month because of system overload (?) They cannot let you know exactly what the overload was also it takes forever to return your sites. I threw in the towel following the second time as nobody appears to get sound advice about this however it was "my problem". However, they did return my annual payment and so i can't complain an excessive amount of - just lots of wasted effort and time.
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I've registered with inmotion business hosting professional plan in december 2010 that cost $7.95/mnth. After under 9 several weeks with 2 websites for any mix of 4000 daily uniques, We had to upgrade to VPS plan that cost $50 / month. I had been quite unwilling to upgrade because I do not make much cash from my websites however they keep suspending my sites and e-mailed and suggest me to have an upgrade. I request them, will VPS solve the issue? they clarified for my websites traffic, VPS is enough. I stated ok... Simply to be fair with other clients since its a shared server I went ahead for upgrade in october 2011. My sites continues to be located around the VPS plan that we felt quite good and should never be bothered again with Overload resource issues. I've 3 sites located about this account now. 2 seem to be Oscommerce and the other the first is a totally free classified sites. They combined for a maximum of 5000 uniques everyday. In under 60 day...They suspend my website again stating that My website required an excessive amount of CPU resource. My god, my sites traffic had only elevated from 4000 to 5000 uniques / day and today they might require me to upgrade to devoted plan. I keep asking myself, Am I managing a Facebook or Yahoo here?? Why the Hell they request me to upgrade to Devoted. Using their Greater Listed Plans in comparison to major website hosts with inmotion hosting "VPS PLAN"..... 10k-15k Uniques are simply right for VPS plan and my sites only has 5000 uniques combined. Must I just dumb my websites and end up forgetting about online presence ? When they suspend my website again and request for devoted hosting upgrade... I'd.
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