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Kattare I/S: Home - Java, Servlet, JSP, PHP, RUBY, and PERL Hosting

Kattare Internet Services provides enterprise java, servlet, jsp, php, ruby, perl, and mod_perl website hosting services.
Their hosting servers are lower for everybody today, and calling their support line only will get a fast busy. They shouldn't be employed for companies that should be up 100% of times. Also, emails are clarified sometimes 24 hrs afterwards, for queries about black outs.
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we purchased a devoted server from kattare..their support isn't existent...They aren't useful plus they dont answer the tickets within within 24 hours...I was receiving server errors and they couldn't guide us with regards to obtaining the errors fixed. They hanged in the phone whenever we were requesting assistance plus they had bad attitude... We finally requested reimbursement because they couldn't host several website inside a devoted server purchased at 300 dollards... Very bad attitude...Avoid them... if you have an issue, you'll get an answer 3-4 days later...You've been cautioned...
Rating bad
Sometimes for Kattare. Quick reaction to the onlycy.com fellow. We don't support cpanel, he required it. The Client is definitely right. We install cpanel. Customer does not understand how to use cpanel... we attempt to assist as well as we are able to, but customer is Greek, does not speak excellent british, and also the technical issues of why a number of what he desired to do in cpanel wasn't possible were extremely difficult to describe using the language barrier. Main point here, we attempted, very, very difficult to please him, once we do everybody, and that we could not get it done. I actually do wish him the very best of luck together with his next hosting endeavour.
Rating neutral
I'm absolutely astonished by another two reviews on this website and may only conclude they only review a company when they're unhappy. I discovered this website when i desired to give Kattare the accolades they deserve. They've located my website for pretty much 3 years inside a mixed php/java atmosphere. We've had 3 significant black outs within the three years, and in the two cases I could achieve support rapidly and discover exactly what the problem was, also it was rapidly resolved. After I cannot achieve someone when their offices are closed, I'll call the emergency number (when truly needed). In each and every situation someone either solutions, or will get to me within a couple of hours (yes, they don't have true 24x7 phone support, but they're on the Linux platform - things rarely fail!). When you achieve someone, their services are truly incredible. I'm not a programmer, nor have i got an internet site administrator within the company. Kattare will walk out their way to see difficulties with me, including altering my code to shut security weaknesses if needed. They're never condescending, and can take time to respond to questions when clarification is required. Getting been accountable for several internet sites before, their service is the greatest I've ever experienced. Because the COO, it's the best spent $39 per month I've ever approved. Appreciate your support.
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We make use of a devoted server together, hosting a Java application. They're very, very stable. The very best provider I've observed in a long-term, and I've come across many... Take a look at http://news.netcraft.com/archives/2011/11/01/most-reliable-hosting-company-sites-in-october-2011.html. They get rated high very regulary.
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