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MaximumASP provides several website hosting intends to fit any hosting need. We provide software and services required to ensure that it stays running brilliantly.
Do your company a big favor and avoid MaximumASP hosting. We have used MaximumASP for more than 24 months now and also have had failure after failure. Every second day it appears our website goes lower having a different problem. We have had continual difficulties with SSL or frequently with a few vague failure their support staff reviews to us. I am unsure what monitoring is within place but frequently I'll just watch a drop in incoming sales or spike in customer complaint email, visit the site and find out it's lower. They are never positive. They have ended up costing way too much business and I am unsure how other people has become an optimistic experience out of this company. I see many five star reviews that we find suspicious. Anyhow, make an effort to to appear elsewhere.
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I've been with MaximumASP for just two years. We host 50 plus sites together and haven't just one complaint. The amount of Support they offer is undoubtedly the very best in the industry. I'm able to call anytime, and make contact with a Microsoft Licensed Engineer. Always knowledgeable and quick to assist. They've assisted me in solving numerous problems we've experienced (on the Devoted Server). Most all the issues we experienced were a direct result negligence on our finish. The User InterfaceOrAccounts Center is hands lower probably the most intuitive I've come across. I have tried personally over 15 hosting companies during my two decades in the industry. Last fall our devoted server experienced a hardware failure. Individuals at MaximumASP identified the issue, changed the Energy Supply,all in less then twenty minutes. MaximumASP may be the cream from the crop. If you're seriously interested in hosting your search is over! They deliver!
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