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I'd some devoted servers with Memset. Services are fairly good and uptime acceptable. However hardware is commonly early and outdated. Their priority has been eco-friendly - that they certainly are. Nevertheless it entails you might well end up having a server around many years old and for the finish of their reliable existence. The "new" server I received was making for four years old. Their controlling director Kate Craig Wood is very rude however the sales people are friendly enough. Because my servers are complex to setup I love to get new servers which will last for the following four to five years. So Memset's old hardware is definitely an problem for me personally. Should you just host simple websites and system is quick a mature server is going to be fine.
Rating neutral
We've got a couple of VPS together. They're inexpensive but which ensures they are not good. Certainly one of my VPS always lose packets and therefore network speed is slow. And when your process inside your vps using all of the memory, your vps will crash!!! Today (20th Jan 2012), all of our VPS are lower due to network issues. They resolved it within 3 hrs but that's bad. our phone keep running
Rating bad
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