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Navpoint Internet - Web Design, Hosting, Voice over internet protocol, DSL, T1, DS3, Wireless

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Plenty of pointless head aches. Unlike their offers, they are doing have sporadic down-time (center of the day), technical support requires a while to return to you, billing is horrible. I wouldn't recommend them
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My website was lower for just two days simply because they did not possess the abilities update their very own servers to PHP5. I'll never rely on them again. Nor am i going to refer business for them
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Each of the negative comments are from the former, fired worker. Most Navpoint clients happen to be around for several years. Please give us a call at 215-836-4600 for particulars and referances.
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Craigs wife, the so known as owner, may have stolen clients of who was simply individually introduced to Navpoint. When my client desired to move to another web server/provider, Ivy, Craigs wife and also the so-known as tax write-off owner, hi-jacked the account and shut me out although this client was from condition. A bad business practice, &lifier Craig stop protecting these practices, when i can title a number of ex-clients that left for a lot of reasons.
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