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After too many problems during the last 2 several weeks with lots of tickets place in, I have made the decision to undergo the main need for altering hosts since all sites need moving, merchant control sections have to be reconfigured for plans, cc info, notices and much more. The so known as technical support is usually Indian and when they do not screw some misconception worse they were, then for the easiest of fixes it requires 2-three days to shuttle using their uncomprehending british inside the ticketing system, that at best you will get 2 reactions per lengthy 20 hour day( Many occasions they simply blow smoke in the ying yang. Remarkable ability to help keep Joomla sites ready to go in the end never transformed a factor was remarkably poor! A lot of occasions the servers were slow and also the email server was constantly heading down. They're responsible towards the almighty dollar within their pocket and never for you. Was told like another person's review here in regards to a refund for just two several weeks rather than first viewed it. Jason and the father the proprietors perform a fair job of harm control, but seem as if they are exhausted now as well as that's going for a turn for that worst. 24/7 technical support is main point here wrong! They've an exchange taking messages so when they enter they may cope with it( Avoid ourinternet.us if you wish to stay aggravation and time suck free! They're a narcissistic company like a lot of in the usa these daze.
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I had been with ourinternet.us for nearly many years having a merchant account. All was good until this season where they've converted into the worst hosting site ever. Customer care is horrible so when they are doing say its fixed it only a few days before its damaged again. Email would be a major problem enough which i couldnt cope with client complaints. And so i moved companies. The service blows ourinternet.us away. Not just are issues resolved in under twenty minutes however the technicians fix issues where ourinternet.us mentioned was my problem. All of this and pay 1 / 2 of things i was having to pay ourinternet.us for identical storage and bandwidth. However with new provider I acctually obtain the bandwidth i purchase. Very Fast - OurInternet.us = SUPER SLOW
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I've been a merchant with this particular company for nearly 4 years, emails are lower almost two times per week, takes then a lot more than 48 hrs to solve issues only when you publish trouble tickets, mail servers are listed almost on all blacklist database servers. The configuration will get transformed instantly. This really is an excessive amount of I've already began searching for another host, newbie was great, second year good, third year problems, this season nightmare.
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