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I had been known to P4Host after i was searching to maneuver my website from the guy who had been hosting me at that time. Initially when i first bought my domain and web space, P4Host was ever present and completely responsive. My, how everything has transformed. Which was then, This really is P4Host now: -My website was compromised last year, P4Host was completely UNRESPONSIVE to my multiple demands for access logs from their store (that we never got). -Unsuccessful to make a backup of my website as every directory was broken. -Required 7 several weeks to allow them to cancel the car-renew feature. -'Kevin' is nowhere to appear - Telephone number is really a non-functional number, help-desk isn't online. -Checked out the server status last evening and located it stated: No Servers Presently Being Supervised - oh that's great! -No FAQ's or any type of help obtainable in the cpanel area. I am unable to WAIT to ditch this crappy host!
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Same issue as guy above. Submitted payment to resume my hosting. They hosting never was restored and today our website and emails are lower without any method of getting it support online. No reactions to emails. Happening 3 several weeks now.
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I've been activated to P4Host webservices since 2005 and I've been having to pay quarterly via automatic Paypal payment ever since then. On November 26, 2011, I received notice via email that my payment was past due (payment due on November 25, 2011) it was within 24 hours that the automatic Paypal transaction to P4host is dated and was verified on my small charge card statement. On November 28, 2011, I received second notice of past due payment. It was unsurprising in my experience because this degree of disconnect had happened previously. On December 2, 2011, I received email observe that my P4Host account was suspended because of nonpayment. I e-mailed P4Host immediately with verification of both my Paypal and charge card obligations. I immediately received a computerized response from P4host verifying that my email was received stating, "one from the staff people will evaluate it and reply accordingly." I never been told by P4Host again. I e-mailed again on December 12, 2011 requesting rectification of my account suspension, however no response. Today (The month of january 6, 2012) I known as P4Host in the number on the contact page from the website, but a recording explained that time was no more valid. I've not a way to make contact with P4Host and that i have finally taken care of 4 several weeks and services information that I won't receive. I canceled my Paypal automatic subscription payment to P4Host today despite the fact that I've been regularly having to pay for services since 2005. After I visit my web page, I only embarrassingly begin to see the words "account suspended".
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