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I activated to photonvps VPS service before. should you use EA running at 24X7 much like me, make sure you have your stop-loss in position otherwise you can hug your hard earn $$$ farewell. It is because is vps frequently goes offline. Don thinks me? Try it out and you'll know what i'm saying. Here's why [I]Their VPS service turn offline whenever you scheduled a regular or weekly reboot (5 from 10 occasions it won't have the ability to boot up).after i request for clarification which the normal answer are you going to get: From: PhotonVPS Support <> To: XXXXXX Hello We've checked the vps and it is working fine. Please verify it increase us for those who have every other doubts. Thanks. Regards, Ken Level 1 Engineer ---------------------------------------------- Status: Clarified [/I] You will have to monitor the bond carefully. They'd not alert you when it's lower. They'll only reboot it for you personally Once You DROP THEM An E-mail. Indeed, make sure to pay your bill because they will suspend your bank account even only three days following the deadline. there's No alerts regarding your account suspension. should you made the decision to visit for this then , best of luck
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