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Iím a having to pay customer of SiteFlip for 8 years. I saw my website wasn't loading any longer. I approached support plus they explained that my charge card was rejected which they'd sent me emails about this. I looked my mailbox and located 2 emails from their store verifying I compensated. I send them an email a duplicate from the bill plus they let me know it had been an abuse problem. I request exactly what the problem was. They are saying my website was compromised. I request ways to get my account enabled or get my data and that i obtain a bounce message saying my current email address was declined. They blocked my current email address and so i could not contact them. They've no telephone number anywhere. I've a lot of pictures of family and buddies on that website. I've e-mailed them several occasions from the 3 other emails, however they don't respond. It's surprising a business would treat a having to pay customer such as this. I am not really certainly one of individuals PITA clients that calls support every second day. I have not known as them before. I'll certainly be getting in touch with the BBB and my lawyer.
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SiteFlip standard technical support response... "All servers are up and therefore are functioning properly. There is nothing damaged. There's absolutely nothing to fix. We can't and won't do anything whatsoever regarding your problem. "If you not accept the above mentioned, your only choice is to cancel and get a new host." Follow their very own advice and get a new host!
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I've been a person of for more than ten years. I'd say, they often have decent uptime and decent cost, but you will find a couple of stuff that are leading to me to locate a different host. 1) I signed on for limitless email storage. I made use of this storage without any trouble for over ten years. They upgraded their email service, removing many years of emails &lifier described in my experience which i had merely a 10 Megabytes limit on my small emails &lifier it was my fault the emails were erased. 2) There is no previous communication relating to this, no warning. 3) the F-you attitude I received using their technical support and customer support was horrid, when confronted with the devistating loss I received at their hands. 4) It ought to be pointed out they do (now) only have a 10MB limit on email options. Case plain silly within this era - I frequently receive many large emails, and also to have email constantly bouncing because of an undersized account makes this hosting a poor choice.
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