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STRATO Website hosting - all including domain title, web space, e-mail plus much more! Aside from hosting packages and domain registration, we offer webshop and server solutions.
I called up Strato to cancel the net-hosting contract simply to discover that I must outlay cash for an additional whole year. Should you register with one of these disadvantage-artists they provides you with an agreement in which you cannot cancel within thirty days from the "renewal" date. I did not have any idea was automatic renewal, and that i certainly did not know of the one month "agreement" for cancellation. It had been clearly area of the small-print. Now i have web-hosting which i desired to cancel today, that I must purchase another whole year. I had been brought into this contract with Strato by Lycos when Lycos ended up their website hosting business. It appeared OK in the beginning. As time passed they were given worse. They removed the majority of the free images without notification, leading to the shock of my website searching a smaller amount attractive next time I visited it. Rather they offered their clients a unique offer with Fotolia. To obtain the special, that is only 5 free images, you need to give Fotolia your cell phone number to allow them to give back a "promotional code" by text. Clearly edge in the game to allow them to junk e-mail you with sales calls and messages later on. I needed to decline this useless offer. Following this episode I began building Google Sites, that is 10 occasions better. Use Google rather than this rubbish. Right now though I'd unknowingly drifted into my "cancellation period", now these disadvantage-artists have my money for an additional year. The financial institution will not help, I am stuck...
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Hey There, If you're considering using or happen to be are utilizing Strato Hosting to join up or host your domain names, please look at this publish as you will save a lot of money and hassle. This really is my first publish on Website Hosting Talk and my first publish to highlight a poor domain registration company. I wish to warn you, my fellow domain registrars, so that you can steer clear of the hassle that i am presently utilizing kingdom. I've approximately 100 domains registered with 6 different hosts. So im no amateur towards the domain game. I lately queried a superb payment notice I received from kingdom since it made an appearance that they are attempting to charge me for just two domains which were no more registered together. Keep in mind which i have compensated every kingdom invoice faithfully and dependably for more than 24 months. Anyway, despite the fact that i had been in communication with Strato Hosting they required it upon themselves to lock my entire account corporation other domain names which i had already taken care of as well as prevent me from having to pay the outstanding amount that was approximately 12. Then they known my outstanding invoice of 12 to some dodgy German business collection agencies agency known as Intrum Justitia ( who immediately smacked $40 pounds to the invoice of 12 for that rotten dis-service of delivering us a threatening letter which essentially stated 'According to German Law you're purchased to pay for Intrum Justitia and Strato' or it is the chambers for you personally! So there you have it, the example above is what not treat clients, i.e. improve their invoice 300% and threaten them for that pleasure. AVOID STRATO HOSTING No Matter What!!! They're a dreadful and cold company to conduct business with. This message may be the consequence for that their terrible customer support. Take heed. Transfer all your domain names from Strato Hosting As soon as possible.
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