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This really is possibly among the crappiest hosts I have needed to cope with. Their after sales implementation is extremely compromised together, adding an admin level on the top of cpanel, which appears to produce plenty of password and permission problems. Their claim of 24/7 support is fairly laughable too. I submit a support ticket and I am lucky basically come with an answer within 12 hrs. I have been with a lot of other hosts and frequently have your call answered inside an hour or 2. The website I have been focusing on continues to be in a dead stop for three days when i returned and forth with support attempting to resolve difficulties with cPanel features I have commonly used coupled with no problem with on other hosts.
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Sultanhost isn't worth considering. They shut lower sites for pointless whatsoever and claim the website accounts for the miserable database issues they're getting. Ultimately it might be obvious they're just doing guess work and do not know what they're doing. To date, since about February. they have had consistent downtimes at least one time per week that is degenerating. Today alone, they have been lower two times! Their support is lousy. No 24/7 support. Generally, support takes about 12hours. No online chat support along with other host I have tried personally beats them hands lower!
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