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Synapse Global Corporation - Website Hosting - VPS Servers - Colocation - Devoted Servers - Asterisk FreePBX - PBX inside a Expensive and Trixbox Voice over internet protocol - Since 1995

Provider of UNIX and NT virtual servers for hosting, offers private CGI directory, FTP access, and pre-installed software.
Synapseglobal offers first class services and support, they're always very to quick to reply and resolve any issues, and also have been a core service partner for the Voice over internet protocol business.
Rating good
We have had terrible encounters with Scott at Synapse Global. Scott runs the company by themself and he's been offline too many occasions, even once as he never compensated his bill and was disconnected for any couple of hrs, which cut us off. Scott makes large promises but so frequently doesn't keep. We finally moved out because we're able to not trust him.
Rating bad
Server continues to be lower...again...for 72 hrs. Clearly we can't achieve them...Scott Wittenberg is alone at Synapse "Global". Is frequently lower without any method to contact him. When I write this my server continues to be lower 48 hrs. The Synapse website has additionally been lower this lengthy to date. I am bankrupt until I'm able to move my stuff off his servers.
Rating bad
They are clearly fake reviews. This site enables anybody to type anything in regards to a company without any inspections of any sort. Anybody that utilizes Synapse would immediately know both of these comments are completely fake.
Rating neutral
I've been with this particular company for some time...I've no choice but find another provider...This Can Be A REAL REVIEW....If you're a professional business and want reliability Don't Use this particular service....go elsewhere...this can be a operation poorly went and operated...If you're reading through this, hopefully you werent disappointed like myself....go elsewhere avoid wasting grief
Rating bad
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