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ThePrimeHost: Merchant Hosting, WHMCS Merchant Hosting, Merchant Hosting with WHMReseller

Merchant Hosting Master Merchant Hosting with WHMCS and WHMReseller Cpanel Merchant Hosting since 2001.
if you're thinking about hosting your website on ThePrimeHost, I would recommend that you simply take your company elsewhere. Previously year, I experienced the cheapest server availability possible, with database failures up to and including couple of occasions each day. Even though they fixed it each time I posted a ticket, the failures didn't finish. Each time I requested to speak with a senior representative, they declined and also the problems endured. End up another host!
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I am a customer from the Prime Host since almost twelve months. I must admit the Prime Host provide fast and secure server. My success is because of The Best Host effort to supply reliable hosting.
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Another satisfied client from the Prime Host. I've been with them for a long time and lately now utilizing their hosting companies for clients my customers are all happy and i'm VERY impressed in the speeds.
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A lot more than satisfied customer of theprimehost. It has been a 1 stop shop. Even when there's something not going generate an income wanted, Darrell just helps me from it.
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