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TmzHosting offers unmetered website hosting, merchant hosting, proxy hosting, cPanel VPS and devoted servers at huge discounts. We manage over 1000 servers and host 1000's of clients.
I lately canceled my account after having suffered from horrible up some time and server issues on TMZPoxy Mega hosting package which went 16.99 each month. The website was lower a lot more than it had been up, lost SERPs, traffic and adsense revenue. My traffic dropped almost 80% and PR from three to at least one. In 8 several weeks, I'd over 15 tickets for server Lower problem and funny factor is I do not have any monitoring service. The tickets were opened up after i visited check the way the website is working slow/fast and found it Lower. The majority of the occasions, the reponse I acquired was there's not a problem, the website expires presently or we upgraded ram or disk alternative. Maybe I had been unlucky to become located on the dead server -(. Wouldn't recommend anybody to risk their business.
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