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I've had a few sites located with Webcity within the last 24 months. Until recently I've not needed customer care (thank heavens) since it is non-existent. I lately got a note when logging into my website that it absolutely was shut lower. Apparently somebody had compromised into my website (which does not say much for his or her security) and placed adware and spyware during my site. Because this triggered a burglar problem for Webcity, they just shut my website lower without telling me. When I eventually learned that my website was lower, I'd the misfortune of getting in touch with their support staff. All I'm able to say is it could have been simpler to spread out a brand new account and upload my website to a different host company of computer ended up being to get my website back online. If you're considering using Webcity - DON'T!!!!!
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There have been unpredicted problems during my site when my host was with WEBCITY.COM.AU Now i gone to live in unlimitedgb.com for trial look it had been good and that i required home windows,the innovative spirit of unlimitedgb is appreciatable which helped me to consider there java and linux plans now iam very proud to express Unlimitedgb is excellent. Thanks Unlimitedgb.com
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