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Companies of website hosting solutions and domain title registration services for private and business websites. Services include Linux hosting, hosting that is shared, merchant hosting, ecommerce hosting, domain regsitrations, SSL certificates, cPanel, Fantastico an
I have read lots of advantages to WebZpro which was the one thing which helped me chose these to host a number of my sites. I'd the websites located on their own server for ~ 3 several weeks when my problems began. My website got compromised, because of a server problem. I acquired proofs for your (other sites located on same server as my, where compromised in the same manner as mine). The support team wasn't in a position to help. They declined to refund me plus they selected to disregard me. Make an effort to to step back out of this company.
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WebzPro Rocks Our website continues to be up for approximately 6 several weeks now. Once I registered and registered my website and domain, there is immediately a billing problem for that domain title. Because this was the very first time I'd ever contacted a website hosting site, coupled with not gone having a suggested site from the computer knowledgeable friend, my first thought was..'ohhh no, I simply committed and it is already screwed up'. I adopted Webzpro's procedure having a ticket and left my computer, thinking it might be a minimum of the following day til I heard an answer since it was late at night. After 30 min approximately, I came back to the pc and almost fell off my chair. Who owns the organization had taken care of immediately my ticket within approximately a few minutes of my posting it. It had been a billing error on their own part, that they acknowledged and glued immediately. I had been very impressed without just the speed from the response and also the owner responding but additionally, he recognized responsibility and remedied it around the place. There's been no server down time, not a problem with uploads, not one other issues by any means. I am very pleased with Webzpro and can keep having them host our website. I may also be adding another domain later on. I would suggest this hosting site to anybody, without reservation.
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