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WISENIC offers domains, website hosting, merchant hosting, devoted servers, ssl certificates, website contractors and voice over internet protocol solutions.
WISENIC is bull s-h-i-t company, its a p-u-s-s-y company, that black mailed by his customer and subtracted domain names payment but never refund his payment and/or nor registered his domain as well as nor answer email. If someone wants for use the corporation, i request for you never invest any one of money for this, its rates is extremely high plus they can boost the domain rates anytime with any prior notice, its only provided bad &lifier bull s-h-i-t services, Nobody Begin Using These SERVICES. THE Merchant DOMAIN Minute Rates Are 8.99$ Using The INITIAL DEPOSIT OF 49$, I'm Able To Supply The 8.45$ PER DOMAIN With No INITIAL DEPOSIT, I'm THE Merchant OF UK2GROUP, In The Finish I Have You PLEASE CHOOSE ANOTHER Merchant Although Not USE WISENIC, ITS F-U-C-K-I-N-G COMPANY.
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