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The primary site: Looks nice, very clean, very fundamental. Only what you ought to see. Nothing too inside your face, easy colours, nice to check out. The section to appear with the different packages needs some work, particularly with the particulars of what's available. Simple to navigate round. Post sales is a touch more complicated though, as you've a couple of extra possibilities, and when you initially understand this, you do not know what to do. This really is rapidly resolved, within twenty minutes, you'll have found the hyperlink for cPanel. The service: Brilliant speeds, nothing to bother with on that account. The speeds are tremendous, and also have ping time under 20ms! (60ms may be the highst you need to choose on the host). cPanel is extremely detailed, with video instructions. I haven't not yet been trapped after that. All of the info you'll need is supplied! The entire process takes under half an hour from purchase to getting everything there ready for you personally. Extremely fast! Customer Care: Excellent. If there is one greater, I'd determine that! Speaking towards the employees are smooth, easy, they could provide you with technical solutions, thus making you feel at ease. Overall Rating: 20/20
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