I understand this is actually the general hosting forum.. but so much more people publish here... Plus I understand some webhosts are in here. Ok I discovered this deal at www.webdevstudio.com :-

It is really an exact quote:-

Server Co-location
performance plans colocation admin
domain reg. merchant user policy

Features lite medium professional enterprise
Monthly Cost $299 $549 $949 $1399
Once setup fee $150 $150 $150 $150
Data (GB/mo.) 100 200 500 3000
10Mbps Shared Port
Servers Allowed 1 1 2 3
IP Addresses 128 253 253 253
Full OC3 Backbone
'cisco' 7513 Router

Temperature Controlled
UPS Available
Free Tape Rotation
2-Day Setup Time

one year Contract
2 year contract option available too. Cost negotiable.

* all prices in $ $ $ $.

essentially you can aquire a Full OC3 having a 3000 gig transfer for just 1400 ? Just last month I requested webhosts just how much for any devoted T1 plus they stated it might be 1200, and also the max bandwidth you will get w/ t1 is 500 gigs... now this is 3000 gigs also it costs only 200 dollars more. As well as the faster speed.

can anybody please explian?

Whether it does not compute, then it is probably very dodgy. E-distribute them and request, and find out exactly what the fact is.

Should you perform a reverse DNS research, you will find they are simply merchants of TheCoolHost.com, with further reverse DNS/IP block searches pointing to Sprint in Canada (a significant Canadian telco). Unless of course they have in some way become a unique deal on bandwidth, I do not see (nor understand!) how it is possible.
I believe previously The Coolhost was supplying limitless bandwidth. This might just be a remaining website. I believe The Coolhost got burned on bandwidth but I am not sure regarding his current standing. His standing would greatly weight on his merchants because they just re-sell for him.
Well the irony is the fact that I've spoken to somebody that has been located by them, they are saying waht they are saying is 100% true, which are actually heavy sites, emulatiions sites that transfer 50 gigd each day, a few of the good examples:- www.emusanet.com www.plasticman.org

their was once a number of other sites which had wedevstudio, many rom sites.

Well if the organization can offer even 1 / 2 of what it really cliams, I Will join.
Thinking about moving some serious traffic, are you currently?

Should you choose register, tell us the way it works out. Always nice to include another host towards the "good" list rather than always incrementing the "bad" list.

Hosting Matters, Corporation.
I apologize however, you should change and run as quickly as possible from this place.

A T1 normally costs 1000 per month.

T3's run more than 24,000 per month they could be a little cheaper now.

Oc3's remain exactly the same cost.

The things they offers are IMPOSSIBLE.

It might take lots of servers to make use of much and that i can promise you the things they offer isn't feasible.

If you want to obtain some good info call MCI World Com and also have them quote yourself on the expense of the Oc3.

To be sure with Daniel. Basically recall properly, the Awesome Host went lower a couple of several weeks ago for a lot of days because of exceeding bandwidth and server problems and copped lots of flak using their merchants and clients.

I wouldn't be amazed when the same factor transpires with webdev studio.
That one is simply too good to be real.

Take a look at www.npsis.com for reasonable rates but excellent service.
Stop Bombarding this board.

Your IP points for you "nathan.npsis.com" -
Err I'm gonna ahead and register for any month.. Iam gonna lead him to sign a legitimate contract about this though since considerable amounts of cash are involoved...
Legal or otherwise when they go below your hard earned money sheds. I really hope it calculates!

Your publish could be appropriate within the forum on devoted and co-situated servers. It signifies an entire different degree of service compared to shared server hosting the majority are searching for here.

Apparently you overlooked the part that states one year contract along with a 2 year contract available. This is a committment of $16,800 You are so insistent about getting a legitimate contract together, while stating you'll subscribe to per month. Knowing from that which you published, you cannot.

You are confusing the price of a devoted T1 using the discussing of the OC3. Non sequitur.

It will appear to become a great deal, having a cost per gigabyte under 47 cents. At the minimum, it signifies exactly what the cost could be for bandwidth when purchasing in volume.

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