I figured a number of you may want to learn about a (brand) new website for individuals who run a devoted server, including individuals who want to progress to 1. The title is Share and also the URL is http://share.virtual-support.net/

Really, it's about server management generally so a lot of it will affect individuals on virtual servers in addition to devoted ones.

It is a collaborative effort by a number of managers of devoted servers, all pooling their talents and capabilities for the advantage of others. I am a some of it also and you'll see me around the forums there.

Very little expires yet (they have been operational under per week), although the forums are operational now. Unlike sites like that one, the scope is this is not on how to locate a host, but exactly how to handle a devoted server and take full advantage of it.

You will see programs, free and otherwise, to help in most the most popular functions of the site, you might find someone around the forums to talk about a devoted server with, plus much more, including special prices for devoted servers having a very trustworthy company.

Observe that the main focus is this is not on getting people to obtain a server through us (though they are able to), but to assist them to with info on running one wherever it's situated. Clearly then, co-situated servers are incorporated too.

This is actually the only announcement from it I desire to make here, if you have other questions, or want to volunteer your talents, go to the website and publish around the forums.
Hi Duster,

I have not had the opportunity to gain access to the UBB forum at share.virtual-support.net for some time now. I recieve a HTTP 500 error.

Would be the men conscious of the issue, or perhaps is it simply me getting problems?

Interesting notes on admin a devoted server at the site - continue the good work!

It isn't you. I have had exactly the same problems and let someone know. They have been moved a few occasions within the last couple of days and isn't fully operational yet. I'll keep after these to fix the UBB.

I am glad you like the devoted server information and we do hope you think it is useful. This is an ongoing project. I've dates around the pages so anybody are able to see if any information continues to be added since their last visit.

That's mighty nice individuals to fill us in on helpful links because these. Yes, do continue the good work !!

Look's just like a nice site...

Most likely got the cgi script chmoded wrong, for that UBB Forum, I can not can get on either.. Forbidden.. Might be other activities, but that's my prediction..
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