How will you all state that Alabanza "holds your hands with the whole process"?????

That could not be more wrong!!!

All i acquired was 1 single email showing the specs for just one single server configuration, and no extra costs like nameservers and ala trolley were listed!!

They could not answer me about mx records, java servlets or modules.

I acquired no tour or demo, nothing, description of how the expect me to put lower the cash!

The way the hell was that "holding my hands"??!!

And that i have approached 3 reps there now, all 3 sent me exactly the same email with 1 server config with no prices for that extra supplies....nobody assisted whatsoever.

I understand simply used to do before i completed their forms, e-mailed 3 reps and spoken to 1 on the telephone.

How will you appear at first sight so useful?
Generally whenever you lease a server from their store they request for that primary domain title and hang in the nameservers around the machine. (And really, I would not state that they "hold your hands" car process, something I have seen bandied about a great deal.)

The relaxation - well, I suppose it is dependent around the sales rep you spoke to and what kind of specs take presctiption this area. We'd an excellent experience, beginning to end - the couple of questions we'd as we poked around and generate a several things ourselves were clarified rapidly and completely.

Incidentally - if you can get the KB, establishing servlets is within there (just checked, it's number 178).

List of positive actions is contact the sales rep you had been coping with, as well as make contact with new account support, the industry different address than regular support for that first month.


Hosting Matters, Corporation.
I think you'll also know that they'll never change your ram, i practically begged these to allow me to upgrade the ram around the server plus they could charge me anything they want, plus they just will not get it done! A couple of years from now, they assured me that they'll never upgrade the servers.

Plus they only lease the two servers now, that 550 Mhz/ 512 Ram one, and also the RAID plan, then when you outgrow the little server, you simply have 1 choice, the RAID plan.

It's surprising everybody is here adoring how easy they create everything, and they have done nothing for me personally, will not even add ram, what type of plan's that?!
I've servers with a number of different companies including Alabanza. I will tell you Alabanza has become a discomfort within the a**. They behave like they've a lot business they do not need new clients any longer (As Greg stated). If you're just beginning a website hosting business go with VDI. Although I do not possess a server together yet, they appear to really worry about their clients.

Plus, Alabanza support sucks! You need to work through 2 amounts of support to be able to reach somebody that really knows something concerning the server. Level 1 and a pair of appear to simply understand how to point a mouse and employ what they can control panel. Support request remain open for twenty-four+ hrs now in most cases the answer then is "we are considering it". Then you're luck to obtain a reply to that by 50 percent days.

Their network can also be not too great any longer... I routinely improve is a result of my server at as well as Dialtone.

This is an additional illustration of a business getting too large and losing site of methods they were given this way... The clients.

Good Luck,
VDI Certainly likes you us clients , granted their not staffed 24/7 at this time, I easily had the VDI owner @ my server console in a few minutes after my page and that he remained for any good hour once we trouble shooted some kernel issues with a clients box . They've been totally awsome recently. And so they just keep improving.

They're great

You can look me up for any chat scott for those who have any queries about VDI

Daniel Pearson
UltraSpeed USA
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I love Alabanza greatly but I'll validate the concerns here! An amount 1 tech recognizes that e-mail like magic seems to a different person, level 2 can verify an issue is available, some kind of special tech needs to repair it which may take a while. It's a pretty pathetic set-up and something we have complained going to them several occasions. The newest upgrade (today) required us lower - but - every NOC has problems. Pick your attributes and opt for that NOC. Alabanza has some try to do like every NOC - sometimes they're more pathetic -like today.

Chris Marks
KBS Website Hosting
We should be living charmed lives, then, as we have experienced no problems pointed out by others. Obviously, I have never experienced any issues with Network Solutions, either...

Hosting Matters, Corporation.
For individuals individuals attempting to bad mouth Alabanza concerning the down-time today. It works out the servers weren't lower, MAE EAST was lower. Should you look a their stats, they'd a large drop in bandwidth (from 2GB+ to around 1.6GB) which triggered backup copies and timeouts. Maybe your server went lower, but ours continued running.

For Greg and the comments, Irrrve never had individuals problem. I spoken with Erectile dysfunction Eng and that he sent me exactly the same e-mail you have, explained concerning the demo user interface and much more. Once my server was ready to go, I acquired a phone call using their "new customer" support team. A month later, I acquired a phone call using their follow-up salesforce asking how things were going.

I am not to imply that they're without problems, but I have didn't have a lick of problems. For their level 1 support, this is a quote from their store about Java Servlets (so that they all can not be idiots, while you say)

"Evening, simply need to have java installed to operate the servlets. There's a KB article #178 will step you thru setting up java servlets.

The present versions are the following:

Apache module/JServ version = mod_jserv.c, jserv 1.05b
java server package (an improvement toolkit) = jsk117_v3

For those who have any more questions or problems, please e mail us and we'll be happy to help you."

I am with Annette, we should be charmed too, we have didn't have individuals problems. So you realize, they are saying you pay you $10.00 for every nameserver, but we've about 6 now and that i weren't billed for just a single one. Same applies to the ala-trolley, they are saying you pay, but no bills came my way yet. My suggestion is equivalent to Annette, give them a call and request for another person. Request for Erectile dysfunction, he assisted me.

Mike Astin
They transformed from getting multiple server configs to getting just 2. To be sure with this particular point, they ought to convey more choices for uprading.

You are able to host sub-domain names. Each sub-domain uses an IP (they give them a call CP's). Who're you speaking to and what questions are you currently asking?

Mike Astin
I'm able to attest to Ron - he's a great guy, and was our contact whenever we began leasing. Everyone I have spoken to or e-mailed at Alabanza continues to be friendly, useful, and knowledgeable. Although I'd like it if sometimes these were a little more verbose about things (for example, we'd an IP binding problem that they resolved, which I'd have loved a little a lot of), overall, the knowledge is a doozy.

Hosting Matters, Corporation.

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Ron, Used to do request about my options, i had been given 2 server configs with no options to upgrade them.

I'll admit Alabanza is among the top hosting companies, however for years i have been hearing everybody saying they have plenty of servers to select from plus they take you step-by-step through everything, i acquired neither.

I usually learn about "tours", "walkthroughs" and "demo's", however when i called i had been offerd none of those.

Today i requested about getting multiple domain names so those who wanted a sub-domain might have an option, this is exactly what i acquired:

"Each domain is designated an IP through our Domain System Manager, which means you can't host subdomains."

I can not host sub-domain names?! Why everybody else i understand at Alabanza can host sub-domain names ( / /, however i can't?

And Alabanza states you pay $5 per nameserver and $10 for ala carte, yet i understand several people with them and therefore are never billed.

So might be they free or otherwise?

See? This is just what i am talking about! Confusion between your ranks.

Hi Ron,

I'm not an unsatisfied customer, I had been just attempting to upgrade the ram, not configure anything whatsoever.

Concerning the prices, sorry about posting the prices, I really published a few days ago alternatively alabanza publish why everyone did not list prices, then i am stupid enough to discuss them.

I blame my credit card merchant account, to operate a vehicle me crazy...for anybody here...avoid InternetSecure! hehe

Because the last publish, he's described in my experience that i'm permitted sub-domain names, i had been attempting to park additional domain names on my small account so clients might have a range of top level domain names when selecting their sub-domain (when they want the sub-domain plan).

I will not publish here who i have been speaking to, because that's not public info, and that he continues to be as useful like a saleman could be, he is doing discover the solutions for me personally.

I suppose after reading through posts for a long time and buddies contacting me about how exactly everyone take your customers on tours and demos and everything, i had been disappointed, however i Think that i'd obtain a demo and tour of all things Once i register?

And i'm really two client's client, but desire to be a customer LOL
Ok ...I suppose I'll begin here and then try to be as fair when i can to everybody...I've been with Alabanza for 13 several weeks now...
Alabanza for me remains the best all-in-one hosting solution currently available..time period ! Growing pains In my opinion have permitted others to fall with the cracks. Certain sales agents are superior to others...Ron continues to be ideal for me and that i realize that Annette will agree.

Recently they've consolidated their server packages to two options. There used to be about 6 or 8. They transformed all that and that i discovered throughout my last upgrade. My quantity of accounts I possibly could have increased x 5 but my cost only increased 50%. For me there's pointless why they require more options. Just cents a website who are able to complain . I understand cost isn't everything however i think you receive nearly everything with Alabanza. Desire hands over the answer? WHO? Yes the network goes lower, yes things break, don't you think everywhere.?? Maybe you have known as the support line and also got an active? Not me ,,,I call 2 occasions each day sometimes...even during the night. I even get call backs..

So far as upgrades...First allow me to state that they do not have boxes like skynetweb...or junk cobalt ash tray rack garbage like Dial realize plastic homemade junk tossed on the particalboard Wal-mart metal storage rack. They're industrial stuff without any corners cut. I am talking about serious stuff. I've visited within 24 hours as my upgrade. With no they did not toss in more ram. They yanked my drive and set it in a single around 20 new backup copies in another rack. It had been lower for one box with new specs. That fast...and when failing would occur that's just how fast they are able to repair it. That's precisely what they is going to do to upgrade you. If you do not fit this area specs you're searching for you might not get what you would like immediately. They're simplifying the things they offer for the advantage of many of us...very first class operation ! Visit it..barge in and request for any tour. The men in the noc are wonderful and will highlight around.. I drove for six hrs to determine it and came home having a grin on my small face. It was 3 several weeks ago.

Now I've had some occasions if this required 24 hrs for any "We are considering it" Give them a call...say allow me to speak with a tech and stress the problem. I've also had support demands clarified in one hour having a solution.. I have only one little server and may get what they have to and that i know I deserve. It's not necessary to be mean and nasty just firm ! Request for peoples names...request how things work...request request request. When you figure them out and just how the machine of support works things goes better. Also if you have problems become familiar with to repair your personal blow ups. I've. And more often than not we or our clients have destroyed something you'll need assist with.

So far as amounts of support...a few of the level 1 staff continues to be there fifteen minutes and therefore are just determining ways to use the phone...everybody includes a first day..That informs me that they're growing. That's good! Some level 1 people there may build their very own Linux distribution and get it done using their eyes closed. Why...maybe they need to be there a couple of days prior to the promotion. Level 2...well I've my personal favorite and Ron knows who that's. She's single handedly almost stored me from quitting around the business altogether. She was Level 1 and that i was certainly one of her first walk-through she did. I received my walk-through...4 of these..I'm a little slow I suppose. Maybe I scammed a number of you out of trouble of yours. Sorry...need one I is going to do me..I'll bill Ron..HAHA

Let's focus on the sub-domain names...someone pointed out other Alabanza clients. Well I understand relating to this pretty much. Everybody calls a subdomain different things. We've a number of options he is able to offer...just like many of us ,....give them a call what the heck you would like.

You are able to provide a customer a personal FTP account in your domain like (folder) Get it done FrontPage also. It uses exactly the same Ip and charges nothing extra. You cannot point a website in DNS at this folder. It can be done using PHP index along with a simple script if the rest of the domain names happen to be parked around the master domain. (pointed in DNS)

You could have ...this protects them a website title but it'll cost you the Alabanza client a clubpenguin and IP. You're going to get the clubpenguin as well as the mail works to It counts. Parking is free of charge...vdns or otherwise.

So far as trolley and NS ...I'm pleased.. :

Lessen the rough edges men... it makes it worth in and learn all you are able and you will notice that you are able to run what you would like, the way you want typically..demonstrate to them guess what happens you do and they'll assist you to should you request the best people there. They're like other people...nobody there knows everything and you will find various ways to complete things around the server and various people give them a call various things.

So far as complaints I've some...Ron knows...however they improve plus they listen ! Ron should you look at this tell me that which you discovered today....

Best of luck to everybody ! Especially individuals getting challenge with any provider they might be using..and also to Annette who I've heard continues to be through a few of the greatest hosting bad dreams ever..Best of luck for you !!

Night all !
Paul Mathews
Smart Source

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i've server at alabanza and that i never was told about any nameserver charges &gt:[
could it be true?
me neither...seen one in your bill?
not hehe ]

i really hope i wont though... because i've got a large amount of merchants using their own ns...
See? That's what i'm saying....Because your all getting up now....I've spoken to some couple of people there and requested particularly..."Do you charge for nameservers?" and "do you charge for ala trolley?"

The solutions were always "yes, $some_amount/month for ala trolley" and $some_amount/month for nameservers.

Now, i do not mind the actual way it appears to become going now.....BUT....let's say i recieve 100 clients using nameservers or ala trolley, they choose to start working the costs?

The costs will also be indexed by the older cost list. Which means this leaves me confused, there's no sense within me contacting and asking again since i should obtain the same answer.

I'm to paranoid to make use of this stuff and never charge incase alabanza decides to begin charging like they are saying....but when i actually do charge i'll are more expensive than my rivals using alabana since most appear to provide them free of charge.

I know others on alabanza which were also relayed through ron they charge $some_amount/ month for ala trolley.....and can not mention him/her at this time around.

I'd much like to understand without a doubt and so i understand what to charge, or more to charge.

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Greg......relax'll be fine..keep selling in the cost you are feeling is fair. When they hit you for that Alacart later then review your contract an that which you signed.

Help make your point..If the does happen there's 100 buggies which are available. Alacart is dependant on some free scripts anyway. You will notice the refrences within the code from it.

Help make your own and refer to it as Greg-a-trolley.. Offer it free...differ the teh relaxation need assistance using the automated setup ...perform some reading through..I'm focusing on mine now and intend on offering it as a substitute... place the zip in your site support page and let people drop within the cgi's and hang permissions within the file manager. I discovered a couple of that even used the mySQL such as the alacart.

Relax...guy children me you'll be ok.. alacart is fairly good though...
You are right, Paul - I worked firsthand using the worst host, bar none, evidently from the planet. But, however, if our hosting experience have been better, we most likely never might have become into e-commerce.

So far as Alabanza goes: I apologize that the experience is not exceptional (pre-sales), Greg. But, as Paul recommended, the only method to obtain the information that you would like would be to constantly request until someone pops up with individuals solutions - just like elsewhere.

I would not mind touring the NOC, to tell the truth. Maybe I'm going to schedule my vacation therefore we will go available online for and appear around.

Hosting Matters, Corporation.
Annette...I must know for those who have any understanding regarding how to give a "subdomain" I don't know what it really means and just know of the ways in which I pointed out within this earlier....

Any hints or clues for me's devoted IP only right?


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