I observed that link too. What exactly are your plans with this site Annette? Could it be such as the other host search sites or what?

Frank Rietta
Hi Annette

I observed on among the threads that you will host a BB @ hostcoalition.org

Webhosts unite, right?
Have you got an ETP with this new site?
This is an idea I have been kicking around for a few several weeks now, and something that I have talked about with a few people previously month approximately. Still uniting, really, but things i had imagined was a spot for hosts to go over issues proportional towards the particular business that we are in.

I needed to tell apart from places like WHG, that we think includes a made the decision slant toward the large companies, and to be honest, whom I believe don't apply what their mission statement states. If you have read things that I have published in a variety of places, you know which i have high standards personally and our organization - which It isn't impractical for clients to anticipate individuals same high standards using their hosts, regardless of who individuals hosts may be.

It might be not the same as fora such as this yet others, for the reason that the majority of the data could be fond of hosts, not at clients. I've not entirely eliminated a portion of the site for customers, since I understand how valuable any kind of hosting information could be, getting experienced via a terrible knowledge about True Hosting myself. However the primary focus could be for helping hosts deliver the kind of service that clients should expect ought to be course, and never because the exception. You will see forums there, as Hosting Matters has bought permission for vBulletin. Let me have, additionally with other groups, obviously, one dedicated to the intricacies that arise for a number of companies: Alabanza, naturally could be one, and I am available to recommendations for others. The forum, I believe, ought to be limited to hosts only, or at best have just one or two cateogories readily available for general viewing, to ensure that customers who may wander in can understand what are you doing. I am of the perception that the site of this character will be a nice complement to sites like that one.

Anybody with ideas by what they'd want to see on this type of site can send some mail to forumideas@hostcoalition.org.

There won't be any advertising. No costs. No ad banners. Space and bandwidth is going to be supplied by us. I am hopeful that it'll are a helpful resource.

Hosting Matters, Corporation.
The WHG was began by Jonathan Caputo, exactly the same individual that founded the best WebHost List. Keep in mind that site -- the main one bought by cinternet? These were those suggesting ***** within their "top 5" for such a long time. Caputo ongoing to choose all of the suggested hosts after cinternet bought the website. That website disappeared from cinternet soon after the ***** melt-lower, I suppose due to complaints from irate ***** clients asking the way they might have ranked this type of poor host so highly for such a long time.

Personally, i complained to Caputo about *****'s practices well prior to the melt-lower, estimating from the 3 webmaster's e-mails in my experience all explaining exactly the same billing "irregularities," and was overlooked.

Watch out for anything Jonathan Caputo is associated with. Money, not the reality, is his goal.
Seems like Annette really wants to perform a hontest fourms leading clients towards the weh webhost that what they're attempting to searching for instead of thoses unhontest, lies host like hostindex, hostsearch? Am i right? in the event that so, thats great.
Not precisely, no. I believe you will find an adequate amount of individuals kinds of sites available (and that i really don't wish to enter into the review business). I picture it more being an information exchange area for hosts, with limited more information readily available for customers, like a report on hosts symbolized to begin and possibly some contact details for individuals hosts. Plan evaluations and comments are done elsewhere, and you will find many of them, and so i don't have any need to duplicate individuals efforts.

Hosting Matters, Corporation.
Very awesome Anette, all the best for you and the great work. Once its all done, I'll be glad to consider a trip from the site
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