I'm on a single step from selecting the website hosting services of web2010.
Can you recommend me this particular service?
Thaks ahead of time
A few years ago I had been a volunteer on my small church's web team. My church's site, perimeter.org, is located on Web2010. From my encounters, the organization seems to be really stable plus they use good equipment.

After I had accessibility site, the user interface wasn't the very best available and many configuration needed to be achieved through Telnet. However, they've probably enhanced the interface right now.

Frank Rietta

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Thanks Frank for the reply
I've been using Web2010 for around 2 . 5 years.. they are while a merger at this time, and so i can't speak for future years, but I must say I have always become excellent support from their store when I have needed it. It does not come with an extensive user interface or anything like Communitech (that we use for just one, and just one site) but to tell the truth Irrrve never found myself requiring a lot more than they provide..

I've four sites with web2010, the greatest will get around 1.5 million hits per month.. when I have known as all of them with problems, I have become an active part of under ten minutes each time.. they're saying one inch every two accounts is recommend for them from another person (I believe which was the statement on their own site) and I must uphold the recomendations I have given them previously
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