I am searching for opinions from those who are merchants for *****.

How's technical support?
How reliable could they be?


Hello Guest,
You will find a lot of negative comments about ***** on the web.
http://www.webmaster-forums.com http://www.webmaster-resources.com http://www.scriptkeeper.com

Although I have not used them, I'd strongly counsel you to think about seriously prior to signing track of them.

Their down time hasn't assisted their status.
***** had an issue with their nameservers on moving to a different NOC. Because of this , for his or her down time. They'd corruption on their own primary nameserver that propagated before they caught it.
Personally i think sorry for his or her clients, I believe they're merchants.
Just to show you, ***** aren't merchants they host over 48,000 domain names.
They most likely just lease(d)/co-locate(d) with OLM... I doubt these were merchants. The most likely possessed their very own servers, simply not the connections
Be cautious that which you say. ***** includes a practice of playing bull-boy tactis to negative reviews, rather than functioning on them and sorting their services out.

Chris threaten to file a lawsuit me, or my opportunity, for posting details about them.

Just a lot of bull is when I required it.&ltsnicker&gt

Some Web addresses in which the details are:


For additional reviews about ***** take a look at deja.com just peform searching of *****.


They attempted to file a lawsuit you with this stuipd factor? This really is insane, you've freedom of speech and that he can''t sue you with this garbage.

I notice they transformed the web site constantly and confusing the clients i see some domain names they will use always put as "broken so that they can''t utilize it.

I wager BBB has lots of complaints within the ***** folder in thier office and they'll keep getting thoses complaints when i know. I even don''t realise why this had all happened completely once they began the company?!?! What the heck wrong with Chris the dog owner ... He sure needs outside assistance!

Boy, this ***** subject just get hot and warmer also it never finishes! Let''s observe how it is going in 2000 on their behalf!

Wish to cancel ***** account? Do this URL which i got from someone that you could cancel account that is at:

Best of luck!

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