Has anybody delt with http://www.netmart.com/ before? Any problems? How's technical support?

They've an amazing deal, I've no clue how they're doing it.

And does anybody know how they may register domains for just $25? Could it be a gimmick?


I am unfamiliar with that company, though a fast take a look at their website doesn't reveal the common lies, like limitless bandwidth. That's an amazing deal, literally not credible.

Netmart's deals are great, simply not unbelievably so.

Signing up domains for $25 is simple, not always a gimmick. You will find registrars charging about 50 % much, so while $25 is preferable to the $35 NSI charges, it's really no great bargain. I only pay $13.50 at 000domains.com and also have better service and control than at NSI. You will find other registrars which are a large improvement over NSI too.

Best of luck during your search for any good host.
Duster: they provide limitless bandwidth and space for $10 per month?
Initially published by Duster:
I am unfamiliar with that company, though a fast take a look at their website doesn't reveal the common lies, like limitless bandwidth. That's an amazing deal, literally not credible.
I am afraid they are doing, actually - their 9.95 "no limits" plan truly does refuse limits on drive space and bandwidth. Another plans they've listed have regular specs. Personally, I'd never pay 39.95 like a setup fee, but others' MMV. I am additionally a little curious why their order form states "Where have you heard about Mr. Webhosting?" and why their TOS will not appear (a minimum of after i attempted it).

And Duster is appropriate - you will find cheaper registrars available. Heck, we all do sign ups for $20, and there is 000domains, joker.com, weblaunching.net, etc., that get it done much more inexpensively than that.

Hosting Matters, Corporation.
NSI simply sucks. It was once Super easy to maneuver domain names, they needed to go and alter things. Now it really works 50 % of time and also the partner I am continuely striking my back button.

Opt for another person, Annette listed some, we do $20.00 domain sign ups and i believe that tucows.com does them for $15.00.

Mike Astin
http://www.resellerinfo.com - A totally free merchant website (not far off!)
wow, I did not know NSI am bad... i already registered 2 domain names together... can there be anything i'm able to do?

btw, i discovered another great hosters
http://www.webexpose.net/services/hosting.asp http://www.usware.net/hosting.asp

any expereience with one of these men? They appear more credible and appear to provide a a bit more. Opinions? Critisms?

*note - I did not notice it on the website, however i known as Sales, and also the freebies only can last for year on NetMart. Still a good deal nonetheless
Used to do say it had been a fast look. I saw different plans which were 3 gb, 7 gb or more. When they offer "unlimited bandwidth", i quickly retract a part of things i stated.

To be sure concerning the setup charge too. It's bad enough to pay for any for shared server hosting, but $40 is fairly high for a few minutes' work.

Within the immortal words of Miss Emily Latella "never mind".

Spoon, you are able to transfer and renew your NSI sign ups with every other registrar. You are not tied to them for existence. Just select a registrar as if you would a webhost. A number of them are pretty bad too and also have low quality service. Avoid alldns.com There are less than as much as snuff.

On the totally unrelated matter (sorry), Duster, would you watch CNBC? I am just curious since i day trade watching CNBC about 15 hrs each day, and there is somewhat argument on the website about who it had been nevertheless "nevermind", also it was Emily Latella!

Just wondering whether it's a coincidence that you simply pointed out her and her pages and use a next day of CNBC introduced up?

And Spoon, would you like Unix/Linux or NT? Because individuals latter you pointed out i'd assume are NT becuase the web pages finish insor net.
Yes, it had been a coincidence. I frequently think about the late Gilda Radner. She'd a significant talent to make us laugh.
Who stated NetworkSolutions isn't good?
Yes, you will probably find the cost left elsewhere and being registered through 44 other registrars, however for me NO. Simple to transfer as well as their new database is great also covering foreign nations can register in a single snap! I have not had any problems through either phone or email a couple of glitches some in the past otherwise fine.

Be familiar with that a few of the small registrars goes lower eventually, who's going that will help you transfer the domain(s) heh? Cost is not everything consider the overall and think ten years ahead.

Although I fully agree that cost is not everything and there is always that possibility of more compact registrars sinking, we have to recall specific problems relevant straight to NSI as cited in here yet others round the Net regarding insufficient tech support team (when needed), their monopolistic intentions and most importantly, their intentions and attitude towards other registrars (especially based from CORENic, Melbourne IT yet others). It should be stated the disadvantages there over-shadow the advantages of signing up domain names in the original source.
For me personally I favor register.com ya sign in improve your DNS Bang its done no weeding through forms I moved my domain names yesterday one was solving inside a couple of hrs another a couple of hrs next with InterNIC Id be waiting on forms. I'd an issue once gave register.com a phone call at 4PM on the Sunday and also got an active person who clarified my question after which sent an individual follow-up to make certain I had been set. *G*


If you wish to spend a lot of money for something that's less expensive to purchase *everywhere* else, and support a company that partcipates in illegal (yes, illegal) business practices (for example not delivering unrenewed domains to the general public), then keep having your domains from Network Solutions...
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