Hi everyone,

I am searching for a brand new server to host my own sites (I've 3 -- potential 4 -- of these, all under one domain). I love what Internet Design 2000 (http://www.internetdesign2000.com) needs to offer, and I have read some excellent reviews of these on other sites, however i desired to determine if anybody here has heard anything about the subject or has personal expertise together. Presently I've two sites located at Icom, which i've realized would be a large mistake based on the experts, although I can not say as I have ever endured any problem together -- yet, anyway. Can anybody share some pointers regarding Internet Design 2000's services? If they're to become prevented, I want an NT server with ASP support, 50 megs or even more of space, and a chance to possess a couple of subdomains will be a plus.


The Bandit
Hi Bandit,
Sorry Im unfamiliar with the organization you mention but someone may respond with a few information on them.
Also you could try while using search function within the forum and enter in the title and find out contrary results. You could do this exactly the same for the request NT host, and find out what results show up. I'm sure Jason, basically recall properly runs NT hosting, you might like to try them out http://www.windowswebhost.com/
Best Of Luck!

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