I am thinking about hosting my small computer talking to business with Interserver.net. Their costs are low $63 for 1 yr for his or her "Ultra Small Plan" with 5 mg disk. They include plenty of features (25 pop2 email options, mySQL, secure, shopping cart software, etc.). $130 for 1 yr for 250 mg. Has anybody had knowledge about them? Ideas?
What id say about this account may be the features are great. Id want a little more bandwidth than 500mb for my website. Pricier the earth's finest support with this account really pricier support full stop they'll over look your bank account. They appear just like a large firm and will not be so worried about there more compact clients.

Eddie Dalladay http://www.fthosting.co.uk
where we take hosting seriously
Now all sites are setup withing 24 hrs or a refund .
Really since writing that last peice i have been and spoken and among there tech men on human click very rude and unhelpful. So thats my little constitute experience with them also it wasnt too good.
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