Has anybody had any knowledge about Maxin Web? They appear too good to be real with everything true hosting stuff happening I would love some feedback before I decide. It states directly on their website they lately transformed names...
Advise run do not take another take a look at there site. any host that may offer this for that cost they're aint thinking about making much cash -
5 Megabytes
Limitless POP3 Email
Limitless Transfer
And Much More...
Cost: $5.95/Month

Extra bandwidth costs in addition to that. Personally, i think it's another scam. Basically can could offer that id do it however it just aint easy to offer unlimted bandwidth at this cost actually at any cost.

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I'm also drawn to the cost/options that come with maxin. I do not recall when they support web-based email that we want. Maxin's released 800 # is really a voicemail it appears, but that appears typical among inexpensive companies (when they even provide a phone # whatsoever). I still haven't made the decision on the host myself -- see my other publish on searching for inexpensive host.

Fthosting is quick on assessing and somewhat biased since he provides hosting companies (United kingdom-based) and it is searching for clients. You might like to check him out he most likely does an excellent job -- personal attention (a minimum of during these forums). I'd discount his opinion though.
Well i had been only attempting to assist with your question. request anybody you can't really offer limitless bandwidth. And if i had been attempting to promote my service id make a move like - Arrived at fthosting blah blah blah but i am not doing that im giving my estimation like a normal person not really a webhost.

Basically was marketing my service why would i point individuals to other hosts ?. I wish to help if people don't want my help ignore my posts all i wanna do is help people find the correct host on their behalf i understand its difficult to belive from a webhost but it is true.
no offense fthosting however, you -are- marketing your merchandise...

or else you wouldn't have selected "fthosting" as the username and set your URL inside your sig.

my $.99

-brother albert
Hello Curious,

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I'll show you around i'm able to.

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