i apolgise for my actions in reaction to posts from davey. you can prohibit me for my rude remarks. I simply think it is hard too keep stum around fools. So ill apolgise for my actions i shouldnt be attracted right into a slanging match.

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I am unsure what your mentioning to or apologising for, I am speculating TrueHosting?, if that's the case I have forgotten anyway.

No harm done.
Maybe that four pager... uhhhg.
Result in the 5 pages now, and six pages soon whether it continues any more.

I recommend the thread be closed permanently, but left like a standing testimony in regards to what sometimes happens when such inane subjects are published.

I hereby report that to any extent further, all posters posting inane questions should be delivered to this thread, then be shot with a 21-gun firing squad if dared to take
"I say we remove and nuke the whole site from orbit. That's the only method to be certain."

+1 for everyone who can title it. hehe

Hosting Matters, Corporation.
Aliens (the second Alien movie.)

I wish to apologize, too. To Matt, actually. To not Davey.
The very best one, IMO.

Good call, Joey.

Hosting Matters, Corporation.
And sorry may also be forthcoming too.... Once the thread is locked.
Just curious, but has anybody considered disregarding the Davey type people on the planet, once they publish. I wager should you ignore them, they will just shut up and then leave.

I am talking about, it does not prove fruitful and To be sure with Duster, it may bring your status lower by quarrelling together.

To be sure with BC, lock the thread!

Mike Astin
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