I'm searching for NT webhosting with ASP able to using perlscript.
I do not need much diskspace or monthly transfers. The cost ought to be under or comparable to 10$. The server ought to be decent and fast...
Have you got any suggestions?
Take a look at Virtualscape - http://www.virtualscape.com. They're much more costly than $10 though.
I dont use whatever host that provides NT with features for $10 per month, you will notice average $25 or greater.
I discovered burlee.com for 15$
Any comments or knowledge about them ?
Hello , You can always Try openhosting i understand there accounts are completed in yearly payments only but when you email there sales department and request for monthly they enables you to but you spend within 2 days of every month beginning or they disable your bank account. There is a good accounts system that we think is preferable to alabanza that is saying something cos i really like alabanza.

The Addie is http://www.openhosting.co.uk Yeap united kingdom based and also the servers have been in the midlands however they connect through uunet and ntl so means nice fast .

Edward Dalladay
FlashTechnics Internet Solutions

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