Would you such as this ?

Mail send failure. Error was :

[10057] Socket isn't connected

If so register with ... HalfPriceHosting.com

Two days exactly the same error occur every single day.

Thanks HalfPriceHosting.

Any advice where you can move my website?
Where I'm able to make use of the ASPMail component.

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and http://www.hostingsolutions.net (I believe they will use JMail (ASP component), similar syntax) http://www.innerhost.com

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Try http://www.mavcorp.com

I believe they provide aspmail.

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HalfPrice Hosting has ASPMail.

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Informer, we know HPH uses ASPMail. BUT we don't wish to fall under their trap again, we know the things they would do in order to us.

This is exactly why memberHPH was searching toward moving to a different host which offered exactly the same mail component, to ensure that he did not need to adapt everything to a different component. But he DID want to get away from HPH.


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