Here's your site. Have you got, or are you going to set, any standards of conduct?

If you are likely to allow any foul mouthed cretin to trot out their limited vocabulary of profanity, please let them know. I, for just one, don't have any need to participate on any web site that enables the worst of humanity to become displayed.

Relax and take a stand making it known.

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Time I awoke today the content had been gone to live in the non-public Admin forum, thanks Nightflames and that i doubt it'll come back.

I certainly differ using the language from the publish, but when he'd used no swear words and was netiquette then your publish might have still had the experience, for other people to reaction to either agree/disagree or PCISD to reply. Everybody has the authority to complain.

When it comes to other messages, mainly where Davey has responded using the words '**** off' I've been requested to depart the messages for proof against Davey for reasons uknown, the 2 threads where both clients and TH happen to be getting heated debates happen to be archieved too, so people can't login to remove/edit their messsages. I believe we'll edit a few of the bad langauge in a few of the active threads, but leave the accomplishes intact.

Essentially, I would like this forum to complete well and grow! We've not even began marketing it yet and that we are notice a good degree of site visitors.

That's great news, thanks. I recommend a good FAQ where this really is stipulated, That, above all else, could be a deterrent of comparable breakouts. It is much more effective than any technological feature of the forum program. Just set some guidelines and tell people what they're and youll find most wiling to comply.
The problem thread continues to be gone to live in allow its consideration at another time. The admin from the site doesn't agree to the title in almost any shape or form, neither will it agree to selective censorship.
That's very good news. Let us be obvious on a single factor, though. Expecting individuals to have a civil tongue and avoid using profanity and vulgarity isn't censorship. No one's ideas are now being covered up exclusively by needing they go to town inside a civil manner.

When it comes to an early on question you posed in my experience, I do not read every message, not really all inside a discussion I react to. I bypass any about TH for example. So, if there has been earlier good examples of unacceptable language, I had not observed. However, when it is on the title area as well as in caps as well, it's tough to overlook.

I have seen how quickly some forums will go downhill when anything goes. Decent people leave, the websites get blocked from viewing by BESS along with other screeening software, whicvh deprives potential viweres of the advantages of the website.

I have also seen what goes on whenever you expect the very best from people and also have standards,as on my small forums. Even throughout heated discussions, people maintain respect for one another, and "butt" may be the nearest it involves being unacceptable (which isn't close whatsoever).

I would not choose to see the need for this website reduced with a downward slide I have seen elsewhere.
(New SMILIES!!!)

Thank you for getting this discussion. To be sure that it might be nice when we could all have a civil tone within our posts, since that will bare this forum more constructive. This is the ideal.
I additionally accept no censorship. Ensure that it stays open for individuals to convey their opinions. Profanity is not necessary for your. Perhaps a validation script around the publish button could automagically scan for specific words? Only a thought.

I am astounded by the concern expressed within this thread. Duster and Admins, thanks for this!

hey I'd have edited the titile basically could... the content within the publish was clean though...
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