You are able to run, buddy, however, you can't hide.

Annette, what about a X-publish from the DNS info you dug up?

Happy Easter time!

For those domain names? Well, I experienced approximately 1900 domain names from a listing. Of individuals, about 950 were listed with TH. Of individuals, there have been an astonishing 119 that listed weaselboy (speedyserver) because the owner, admin, tech, and billing contacts. How happy do you consider individuals individuals will be if/once they choose to change? From the final amount regged with weaselboy, you will find many who are simply wastelands (i.e., someone registered it after which left it). Of individuals which were not regged with weaselboy exist several domain names of folks that left some time ago - i know without a doubt, since many of them approached me once they left.

You will find several quite interesting domains within the list which are clearly not registered, but that indicate that individuals were just experimenting with weaselboy:,,, etc. None of individuals comes from me, I must say, however i do think it is pretty funny he could leave sites like individuals around the server.

Consequently, so folks can easily see what type of "support" they'll get: I sent an email (two times) asking a simple question, to determine the way the "support" is: "What is the road to sendmail?" Haven't received a solution, and contains been per week (and counting)...
I believed much more of a listing of TH clones.
Ah, that. Well, the one which looks identical, obviously, is I've not really checked out others fully, just noted that weaselboy has themself registered because the owner. It's likely (definite, within the situation of that he's not, actually, the dog owner, but that individuals are merchant accounts that for whatever reason he registered in the own title. Shows our prime ethical standards (not!), does not it? I'll look at a number of individuals that Tim listed.
I have been following many of these threads for some time now and that i almost hate to determine weaselboy disappear.....what ever can i continue reading my lunch hrs now?

Joey, your writing is really thought-invoking which i really visited your website and will also be registering. Good job to any or all!

This dipshit is not very vibrant about his cheating people either. The contacts link of really shows within the status bar!

To not fear. Just a little birdie informs me that certain recent alternation in sentencing for computer fraud may be the prohibition of possession of the computer instead of incarceration. Almost sounds too great for him.

-- J.

A la Kevin Mitnick style? Yeee-ouch! *evil grin*
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