My real question is maybe stupid however i want to explore bandwidth. How can you count bandwidth? Could it be the quantity of hits my website have increased using the page dimensions?

Basically for instance operate a ffa submission on my small page will it require lots of bandwidth or perhaps is it simply consuming CPU time?

Could it be correct that a webhost may kick you out of trouble for consuming to much CPU time?

Just one more question, I have heard that below10host are a good host is the fact that true?

Please assist me,
Cypher, your correct around the formula for bandwidth.

An ffa submission will most likely consume more CPU than bandwidth.

It's correct most hosts will kick you off for an excessive amount of CPU usage.

below10host appears good in my experience when i approached them, multiple occasions plus they respond rapidly.
And also the page size isn't just how big the HTML/ASP/CGI/etc. page, how big the downloaded page includes all of the images and multimedia (if any) associated with that page that's downloaded once they visit that URL.

You most likely understood that but would like to make certain
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About bandwidth, have a look here http://www.hosthelp.com/sizematters.php

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Keep in mind that bandwidth is not just what's heading out out of your site, but what's arriving too. E-mail also figures into bandwidth.

A great meaning of bandwidth is any traffic produced through the domain title, whether that be FTP, E-mail, Telnet or HTTP.

Mike Astin
Would you website hosts (excuse poor people grammar, I am British ) really appraise the bandwidth from email received/sent, ftp, along with other methods? I had been underneath the assumption it had become just http (port:80) out-going? Otherwise does not that induce a variety of problems, e.g. how can you measure email out-going if sendmail only authenticates by IP (which is exactly the same internal)?
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